Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wealth Projector: Focus Group

We recently showed Wealth Projector to a select group of finance enthusiasts, and wanted to share some of the feedback we received:

We asked: what was great?

  • "The nuggets of insight are fantastic! (e.g. based on your weekly rent, that's the equivalent of a $430K mortgage). They seem to straddle the line nicely between personalised information and insight, but without offering recommendations, advice or flogging a product"
  • "Great fun - easy to use"
  • "Fun"
  • "Friendly user interface processing speed of inputs and the depth of information provided was really good"
  • "It is interactive and fun"
  • "Simplicity"
  • "Looks great. Still going through the actual data and information. The family timeline and important dates section is a great idea"
  • "It was intuitive and fun. Plenty of visual feedback"
  • "With a few clicks of a button you get a whole bunch of fairly relevant information in regard to a lot of different areas of your life that you may not generally comprehend or overlook when assessing your financial stability in both short and long-term"
  • "Easy to use, helpful to see if I was on the right track"
  • "Quality and icons"
  • "Really detailed and provides a great consolidated picture of where you're at financially. Pulling in data from ABS, property industry etc is also a great feature"

We asked: what needs improvement?

  • "The UI seemed a little 'mickey mouse' and childish given that you're entering financial data and talking about 'heavy' topics like retirement etc. Nonetheless, this was a nice improvement on swathes of open text form fields"
  • "Couldn't work out how to adjust my retirement income - I won't need as much then as I do now..."
  • "HECs debt with CPI calculator in loan section"
  • "The Excel spreadsheet lacks the polish the rest of it has"
  • "Graphics are great but the animation could be slicker. Some elements seemed a bit stiff, like dropping an item"
  • "A little harder on a mobile but still good"
  • "Transition to start using icons needs to be a little more obvious. Also preview wealth report drops in a little too early"
  • "Some user experience issues. Anytime I slid the indicator across to complete a section, a login box came up. This is a turn off. Ideally you should only force a login at the end. Allowing people to Preview their report before completing everything is a distraction. Once I did, I lost where I was at in the process. When you drag and drop items, you should group them in the centre circle in various categories (eg My Liabilities, etc). You should also label them - eg Parramatta home, City investment property, etc. Currently there's just a lot of icons all over the place"

Thanks to everyone who took part. We're delighted with the answers to 'what was great', and rest assured we'll be working on 'what needs improvement' over the coming weeks!