Thursday, September 3, 2020

Wealth Projector acquired by IOOF

Wealth Central has recently been acquired by IOOF as part of its Advice 2.0 strategy. It is a proud moment for us that IOOF share our vision and recognise the enormous potential for helping more Australians engage with their finances and the financial planning process. We would like to thank our awesome development team and our customers, advocates and experts that enabled us to create something amazing. We look forward to the next exciting stage of the journey.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Convert Das Keyboard Ultimate to Wireless (sort of)

I love my Das Keyboard Ultimate mechanical keyboard. It feels great to type on, and the plain-black keys always raise an eyebrow :)

Unfortunately, it doesn't come as a wireless version. I've seen a number of people asking for one. And even some very impressive hobby projects. But no easy answer. However, I recently stumbled upon a near-perfect solution!

I purchased a Velocifire VM02WS Wireless Keyboard. These are wireless, almost the exact same size/shape/weight as the Das Keyboard Ultimate, and feel very nearly identical to type on (slightly softer, though still brown switches). They're also incredible value.

Now for the clever bit: the Velocifire comes with a keycap puller. Simply use the keycap puller to pull all the keycaps off your Das Keyboard and swap them with the Velocifire (they fit perfectly). You'll end up with a plain black wireless keyboard:

As a bonus, your old Das Keyboard Ultimate now has a full set of printed keys - so it can be handed down to a non-touch-typing family member :)

Update: the Velocifire is a very similar weight to the Das Keyboard, but I found it doesn't slide as easily on my desk whenever I want to change position. Thankfully, the feet have removable rubber caps. Removing the caps gives back that Das Keyboard slippiness.