Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Convert Das Keyboard Ultimate to Wireless (sort of)

I love my Das Keyboard Ultimate mechanical keyboard. It feels great to type on, and the plain-black keys always raise an eyebrow :)

Unfortunately, it doesn't come as a wireless version. I've seen a number of people asking for one. And even some very impressive hobby projects. But no easy answer. However, I recently stumbled upon a near-perfect solution!

I purchased a Velocifire VM02WS Wireless Keyboard. These are wireless, almost the exact same size/shape/weight as the Das Keyboard Ultimate, and feel very nearly identical to type on (slightly softer, though still brown switches). They're also incredible value.

Now for the clever bit: the Velocifire comes with a keycap puller. Simply use the keycap puller to pull all the keycaps off your Das Keyboard and swap them with the Velocifire (they fit perfectly). You'll end up with a plain black wireless keyboard:

As a bonus, your old Das Keyboard Ultimate now has a full set of printed keys - so it can be handed down to a non-touch-typing family member :)

Update: the Velocifire is a very similar weight to the Das Keyboard, but I found it doesn't slide as easily on my desk whenever I want to change position. Thankfully, the feet have removable rubber caps. Removing the caps gives back that Das Keyboard slippiness.