Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Metawidget: now twice as useful!

The latest release of Metawidget includes a 'read-only mode' on all supported platforms. So now Metawidget can not only automatically generate the UI for your data entry screens... can also automatically generate your data display screens too:

The mode can be toggled on and off through the setReadOnly method. It potentially doubles the number of places in your app where a chunk of boilerplate code can be replaced with a single Metawidget call.


mschipperheyn said...

I've been researching jpa2web, got that working, and openxava (didn't bother: too complex). jpa2web is ok but I get a lot of bugs. I see Spring MVC mentioned a few times. I develop with Spring MVC. How does it relate to that? Does Metawidget just create it's own view/controller based on the model? I basically just want a backoffice out of the box. But it would require support for all jpa type relationships

Richard said...


Thanks for your interest. I have replied to your enquiry on the forum: