Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Features in Eclipse 3.5

In an attempt to attract younger developers, the next version of Eclipse is to include Unlockable Achievements:

Beta testers are encouraged to submit their own Achievement ideas. Suggestions include:

  • Anally Retentive: remove all warnings from your code. Yes, even those ones about serialVersionUID

  • Saintly Patience: use BigDecimal for more than 5 minutes without wishing for operator overloading in Java

  • Ant Fan: start an Ant build and watch it finish without visiting Slashdot in between
Update: this blog post was, of course, a joke. However it appears that 3 years later Microsoft has actually gone and done it!


Georgi said...

I'd have an achievement "Wow that's the difference":

Show the difference between World of Warcraft and Eclipse.

Be honest: Is that thingie really necessary?

Gregory Holt said...

"Drummer Boy": Repeated the same two to five keystrokes over fifty times in a row without pausing more than a quarter second.

Jake Trent said...

This is awesome. It totally reminds me of Team Fortress 2! :)

hohonuuli said...

"Build Maven": Successfully use Eclipse to work on a project that uses Maven 2 for it's builds.

hohonuuli said...

"Unbreakable": Install 2 or more eclipse plugins from unofficial plugin repositories and actually get them to work.

Anonymous said...

You probably know that Eclipse is open source and free. If there is something you don't like, spend time instead of money and change it! Or pay someone who does the change for you.