Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Awesome iPhone Apps

At Kennard Consulting we're always coming up with ideas for new products, and today we're focussing on iPhone applications. Here's a sneak peak at some of our latest innovations. Please note these are all still at the prototype stage, so we'd appreciate your feedback as to which ones you think will be a seller!


Turn your iPhone into a complete swimming pool tester, without all the fuss of traditional tester kits.

Simply dip your iPhone briefly in the shallow end of the pool, and iPool will instantly analyze pH levels, chlorine and acidity. It will then recommend correct levels of salt, acid or buffer and connect you to iPool Online which will fulfil all your pool chemical needs at discount prices.

Bake that perfect cake by using your iPhone as an oven thermometer! Highly accurate up to 400 degrees Celsius and more reliable than tradition oven thermometers (pictured), iTherm will display up-to-the-second temperature readings.

Includes built in cooking timer and recipe book.


Keep your weight in check wherever you are, by using your iPhone as a weighing scale. Simply place your iPhone on a flat surface and stand on it, and iScale will record your weight accurate to 100 grams.

Includes weight loss tracker and calorie counter.


Elena said...

It's very interesting article. Thank you for information.

Anonymous said...

Those apps will sell like hotcakes! I just can't see how they wouldn't work...

Anonymous said...

These look so fake.

Anonymous said...

These ARE fake. These are 3 definite ways to destroy your iPhone.

Anyone who thought this was real is a moron :P

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking idiot. How they let this shit up on any website???