Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Metawidget @ JavaOne 2011 (Updated)

The time and venue for the Metawidget technical session at JavaOne 2011 have now been confirmed:

DRY UIs: Let the metadata do the work
Date:Wednesday 5th October 2011
Time:1:00 PM
Speakers: Dan Allen, Richard Kennard
Venue:Parc 55 - Market Street
Length:1 hour
Track:Emerging Languages, Tools, and Techniques

How many times have you sat in a dark office after hours hand editing forms, page after page? Software teams spend a lot of time developing the UI. To speed up the process, developers resort to drag-and-drop widget solutions or model-based static generation tools. These approaches only change the appearance of the problem.

This talk presents Metawidget as a solution to keep your UIs DRY. Metawidget is a smart UI processor that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components that match properties of your model. Rather than introduce new technologies, it reads existing metadata (e.g. JavaBeans, annotations, XML) to create native UI widgets (e.g. JSF, Android, Swing).

Stop hand-coding your forms! Come learn how to break out of the rut!

I'll also be doing a supplemental session at the JBoss booth at 11.30am on Tuesday 4th, as well as being on-hand to answer questions and give live demonstrations.

My thanks to Lee Judaya who put together a cool looking promotional flyer for the sessions.