Sunday, October 30, 2011

Metawidget Quotes

A collection of quotes people have said about Metawidget:

  • "I finally had a chance to try out Metawidget on an example of my own and it is quite amazing"
    Dan Allen (author, Seam In Action)

  • "Looks impressive... the author of this library has evidently put some real thought into this"
    Michael Klaene (Java Developer)

  • "I spun up the SwingMetawidget, very impressive. Love the annotations, too. Thanks a lot for this API! I am going to try one of the web widgets next"
    i k (Swing Developer)

  • "We have a large GWT app it could certainly do with this for the forms. The documentation looks very good. I also really like the 'don't take over the GUI' principle"
    David Tinker (GWT Developer)

  • "This looks like a very interesting project!"
    Johan Andries (Java Developer)

  • "I strongly agree that UI duplication is mindless, error-prone code that should have been solved years ago. I am so glad someone is addressing this"
    Survey respondent

  • "On my todo list is to develop an integration with Metawidget. I'm impressed by the work they're doing here"
    Dan Haywood (author, Domain-Driven Design using Naked Objects)

  • "Metawidget is worth taking a look at"
    Eric Rich (Java Developer)

  • "I have taken a look at it, and found it's a wonderful tool. When coding with SWT, I always wanted to find such kind of tool..."
    Zhong Nanhai (SWT Developer)

  • "Sounds impressive. I was infact looking for such a utility for a while"
    Shashi Ayachitam (Java Developer)

  • "Developers no longer have to spend too much time to bind UI with POJO"
    Vinay Saintantonyar (Java Developer)

  • "The strength of Metawidget is it allows the developer flexibility to change how the front-end is rendered because Metawidget does not exclusively own the front-end like many other frameworks"
    Mark Ashworth (Java Developer)

  • "Metawidget is very interesting... I will try to use it in one of my projects"
    Adam Bien (author, Oracle Java Developer of the Year)

  • "Think of a configurable form widget driven off of your beans through runtime inspection of properties, getters and setters, annotations, etc"
    Dietrich Kappe (Java Developer)

  • "Our app has over 300 screens and UI duplication is a huge maintenance issue for us. You are definitely on to something here and I like the fact that your framework integrates with others and does not try to 'own' the UI"
    Survey respondent

  • "I think Object Interface Mapper (OIM) is a very good 'concept' for this domain. I usually call it 'domain model framework' or something like that, but now I think OIM is more clear"
    wangzx (Java Developer)

  • "In the past I used [other frameworks] but their approach is too invasive and unfittable. Metawidget is very flexible and integrates an environment already in production. Great great great framework!!!"
    Nicola (Java Developer)

  • "Here's something different... it builds on your underlying framework and so is not competing with it"
    Sachin (Java Developer)

  • "I have long held the reason for the incessant churn in how we best complete the UI architecture task is due to the continued quest for economic value. [Your work] shows there are benefits to separating the elements of that task from that churn"
    Ed Burns (author, JSF specification lead)

  • "I have been using Metawidget (which is a really cool library by the way) on a project lately..."
    Arthur Peters (Swing Developer)

  • "Metawidget not only provides a nice UI framework but offers realistically implemented connections to backends"
    Fred Grott (Android Developer)

  • "It works, beautifully! Thanks for bringing us this powerful stuff
    Phaderm (Swing Developer)

  • "Metawidget concept is the way to go.... you can exploit multiple UI targets with minimal code rewrite and take advantage of native widgets when required"
    Steven Goldsmith (Java Developer)

  • "I'd like to thank you for what you've done with Metawidget. It's a really great framework and is proving especially useful in a model driven architecture we are implementing"
    Ashlin Eldridge (Java Developer)

  • "Metawidget is a super-cool project"
    Baruch Sadogursky (author, Spring in a Nutshell)