Friday, October 5, 2012

PhD - Graduation

I was proud to graduate from UTS today!

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Professor Hung Nguyen, announced my PhD thesis Derivation of a General Purpose Architecture for Automatic User Interface Generation with the following words:

"Building User Interfaces for modern software applications consumes a significant proportion of a development team's time. Existing approaches to reducing this burden are either labour intensive and error-prone, or impractical for real world scenarios".

"This thesis set out to address these limitations in practice, using Action Research guided by interviews, case studies and close collaboration with practitioners. It also applied the emerging field of software mining".

"To verify its research, this thesis released an Open Source implementation and tracked its reception. It achieved mainstream industry acceptance on a number of levels, including being used across the Spanish National Health System and being adopted by Red Hat, a world leader in enterprise middleware".

Chancellor Professor Vicki Sara then presented me with my testamur. Thanks to my family for making it such a special occasion!


Getting Ready to Read said...

Well done Rich! What an achievement.