Sunday, November 2, 2014

Domain Driven Forms: Metawidget 4.0

Version 4.0 of Metawidget, the library for domain driven forms is now available!

This release was focused on:
  • Web Components support
  • clearWidgets support (JavaScript version)
  • JsonSchemaTypeMappingProcessorConfig
  • Improved Node.js support
  • Boolean radio buttons (JavaScript version)
  • Minor refactoring
  • Bug fixes, documentation and unit tests
As always, the best place to start is the Reference Documentation:

Your continued feedback is invaluable to us. Please download it and let us know what you think.

Breaking Changes

We've taken advantage of the major version number bump to make some minor breaking changes for the sake of clarity and consistency. Specifically:
  • For metawidget.js, addInspectionResultProcessors has been renamed to appendInspectionResultProcessors
  • Similarly for metawidget.js, addWidgetProcessors has been renamed to appendWidgetProcessors
  • XmlUtils.elementToJsonSchema has been renamed to XmlUtils.inspectionResultToJsonSchema
  • For SwtMetawidget, setInspectionPath has been renamed to setPath


Neeraj said...

Hi Kennard,
I am trying to create a table which has some column editable while rest are not. It works fine when I pass {alwaysUseNestedMetawidgetInTables: true}in HtmlWidgetBuilder and Use simple function as inspector which return the properties which are not editable with readOnly as true.
But when I am trying to use JsonSchemaInspector (to display nested object) it shows all fields as editable.

Richard said...

Can you please send an example demonstarting the problem to