Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metawidget: ICEfaces PanelTabSet support

The next release (v1.10) of Metawidget improves our ICEfaces support by adding PanelTabSetLayoutDecorator. So now you can do:

      <panelTabSetLayoutDecorator xmlns="java:org.metawidget.faces.component.html.layout.icefaces" config="org.metawidget.layout.decorator.LayoutDecoratorConfig">
            <simpleLayout xmlns="java:org.metawidget.faces.component.layout"/>

I have updated the ICEfaces PenguinColony Example included in the distribution to include tabs inside the dialog:
The full ICEfaces AJAX experience of dynamically creating components still works as normal inside the tabs:

Early access code now available in SVN.