Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metawidget: PrimeFaces TabView support

In a similar fashion to my previous blog, the next release of Metawidget (v1.10) will add support for the PrimeFaces TabView component.

I have updated the AddressBook Example included in the distribution to demonstrate swapping in PrimeFaces support. So now you can add...

      <tabViewLayoutDecorator xmlns="java:org.metawidget.faces.component.html.layout.primefaces"

            <simpleLayout xmlns="java:org.metawidget.faces.component.layout"/>

...and you auto-magically get (note the PrimeFaces TabView and the PrimeFaces Slider)...

Early access code now available in SVN.


InzaneBoyDoll said...

Hello, it looks very interesting. but I can not be displayed with primefaces components

Richard said...

There is an integration test /integration-tests/faces/myfaces2-primefaces that tests this. It seems to work okay.

Can you please describe in detail
what error/problem you're seeing?