Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Metawidget Adds Vaadin Support

The latest release of Metawidget adds support for the popular Vaadin Web framework! Cool features include:
  • Full support for the complete Metawidget pipeline of pluggable Inspectors, InspectionResultProcessors, WidgetBuilders, WidgetProcessors and Layouts
  • Support for Vaadin components including Buttons, CheckBoxes, PopupDateFields, Selects, Sliders, TextAreas and more
  • Automated property binding including a simple Converter system
  • Support for Vaadin layouts including FormLayout, HorizontalLayout, VerticalLayout and TabSheets
Full documentation is included in the Reference Guide. Example usage would be:

VaadinMetawidget metawidget = new VaadinMetawidget();
metawidget.setToInspect( new Person() );
pagebody.addComponent( metawidget );

There's a full Vaadin Address Book example included in the distribution:

This release was made possible by the work of Loghman Barari. Thanks Loghman!


Unknown said...

It tried to use Metawidget for Vaadin but it seems it lacks support for Vaadin 7. Are there any plans to support Vaadin 7?

Richard said...

I wasn't aware our existing Vaadin version didn't work on 7? Has the API changed significantly since 6? Can you please review what needs changing?

Your contributions would be most welcome.



Unknown said...

Version 7 was released in Feb 2013 and has bigger API changes. In particular, the Application interface has been removed and replaced by the UI interface. That's the main reason, why it doesn't work on vaadin 7. But there are other changes as well. I think it's not possible to support 6 and 7 at the same time, so it could be a bigger task.