Monday, May 14, 2012

UI Generator: Metawidget v2.2

Version 2.2 of Metawidget, the UI Generator is now available!

This release was focused on:
Special thanks to Loghman Barari for his help with this release!

As always, the best place to start is the Reference Documentation:

Your continued feedback is invaluable to us. Please download it and let us know what you think.


asm0dey said...

Is vaadin generator based on vaadin forms and datasources or something else?

Richard said...

VaadinMetawidget automates adding com.vaadin.ui.Components into a com.vaadin.ui.Layout (by default com.vaadin.ui.FormLayout).

The default binding implementation does not use DataSources (I tried that but it didn't work out very well), but the implementation is pluggable.

There is a complete working example in the distribution that showcases both these things. (Vaadin Address Book).

Your feedback would be most appreciated!