Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Metawidget On Mojarra

I'm thrilled to announce the next release of Metawidget will be fully compatible with Oracle Mojarra, the Java Server Faces Reference Implementation.

The Metawidget and Mojarra teams have been working hard to resolve long-standing issues (1313, 1383, 1402, 1414, 1717, 1826, 1972, 2231 and 2283) and ensure dynamic component manipulation is reliable and robust.

Here's a screenshot of Metawidget 2.4 running with Mojarra 2.1.7 and RichFaces 4:

Of course, these fixes will also benefit other component developers looking to use dynamic component manipulation in Mojarra. I blogged about the 'best practice' way to implement this here.

Huge thanks to everybody involved over the years, especially Ed Burns, Ryan Lubke, Roger Kitain and Manfred Riem!


Anonymous said...

just curious where is 2.4 available to download or precisely what Maven repository does have it?

Richard said...

2.4-SNAPSHOT is available now. Details on downloading snapshot releases is available at http://metawidget.org/download.php

Richard said...

FYI: 2.4 Final is now available.